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Candy Floss Kindergarten & Pre-School

Welcome to Candy Floss Kindergarten & Pre-School, one of the best Pre-Schools in 99, KZN. A centre of academic excellence and not just in ECD level, but also in other skills and activities.

Perhaps you have just moved to 99- surrounding areas, or a new parent looking for an English Pre-School around 99, Candy Floss Kindergarten & Pre-School is your option with great reviews and ratings by parents.

Application Form

Fortunately Candy Floss Kindergarten & Pre-School application forms are very welcoming and can be reached out to directly from the school, where they will provide you with an application form and guide you through what else is needed to support an enrolment. 

Candy Floss Kindergarten & Pre-School is a registered ECD inKZN, but for Grade R schools in 99, please visit Candy Floss Kindergarten & Pre-School at: for more regarding registrations. Grade RR parents must send enquiry first.


The quickest way to contact the school is by email. Alternatively, there is an online application form available on the Candy Floss Kindergarten & Pre-School website.

Principal: Manager

Contact Details

  • Physical Address:
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Other Details

Stationery list

If you don’t see Candy Floss Kindergarten & Pre-School school supply lists here, it is likely that the teacher has it. Order your stationery online for peace of mind and convenience. Upload Candy Floss Kindergarten & Pre-School stationery list to, for delivery to your door or to the school.

Language Policy

At Candy Floss Kindergarten & Pre-School it is important to include all children equally, so perhaps you are specifically looking for an English Pre-School in KZN, this is the best Pre-School for your child. Other languages are also included depending on the available teachers.

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