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Ho¥rskool Bekker Magaliesburg 2022/2023

Welcome to Ho¥rskool Bekker and we are glad to have you. Below is how you can take advantage of our easy registration, affordable school fees and best team of teachers in Gauteng Province.

Principal Note (By Mr/s. Ellis)

Dear our potential learners and wonderful parents/guardians. Thank you for choosing Ho¥rskool Bekker as your most preferred school in South Africa. Perhaps you relocated to Magaliesburg and looking for a Secondary School in and around Magaliesburg, be assured that we are the best for your learner. A team of 41 qualified teachers and 670 smart learners is the best.

We are an outstanding school highly sought after by families living locally and further afield. The school has a strong reputation for providing an excellent and broad education, thus ensuring that all students can reach their personal potential.

School Fees

Our school’s EMIS number is: 700250209 meaning that many parents always ask if Ho¥rskool Bekker is a no fee school, the answer is No, however there might be extra payable activities, trips or extra curricular.


Our doors are always open for more information, talk to the teachers, checking out our facilities or a simple school tour. The completed application form must be filled, the admin will respond as to what documents to follow.

1 Step 1

For Ho¥rskool Bekker GDE Admission, please click here.

Rating & Review

We would like to receive a feedback, rating and review from you too.
Rating: 41

Contact Details

  • Physical Address: 1, Plaas Seekoeihoek, Magaliesburg, Magaliesburg, Magaliesburg
  • Phone Number: 0145775936 and Fax: 0145775939
  • Area: Magaliesburg Magaliesburg
  • Facebook Page: Click here for Ho¥rskool Bekker Facebook page.
  • Website:
  • Gender: both
  • Sector: Public
  • EMIS: 700250209
  • Specialisation: Agricultural


Since Ho¥rskool Bekker is a school for both gender, uniform is our pride and joy, it represents what we stand for, contact us to order your uniform.


coming soon

For 2021 Matric Exam Time Table, click here.

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