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I didn’t know how to prepare for my Learners Driving Test, until I find a FREE K54 PDF document to download from Student Portal, and I now study at my convenient time đŸ™‚
Rendani Netshizwa
Rendani NetshizwaTutor
We recently moved to Polokwane, and I didn’t know of any primary school, instead of running around from door to door, Student Portal had all primary schools near me.
Fadzai Matumba
Fadzai MatumbaParent
Am I able to view my Matric Results through your website? Please help. Thanks.
Dan Van Niekerk
Dan Van NiekerkMatric Student
I am a Maths Tutor under Student Portal. All learners that Student Portal always send towards me makes enough. I fill like I am employed :-). Thank you, René
René Goldberg
René GoldbergTutor

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