SASSA R350 Reapplication Pending April 2022

Since all SRD reapplications were submitted, SASSA started processing all applications under new requirements. Many applicants are puzzled by the meaning of: “SASSA R350 Reapplication pending April 2022.

What does APR2022: OUTCOME: PENDING mean?

The APR2022 status means the following: Your re-application was successfully received on SASSA systems, but, the verification team is still checking if you qualify to receive the grant for the month of April.

Remember: On the new RDS R350, your eligibility will be assessed and verified on a monthly basis, in other words, you are not guaranteed to receive this grant every month.

SASSA will keep on verifying whether you receive income from other sources, and then decide if you qualify for the grant on that specific month.

SASSA R350 Reapplication Pending April 2022

What to do if APR2022: OUTCOME: PENDING status?

The client should check back the status later in the month for an update by clicking on this link:

The process to lodge an appeal will be provided with the notification that your application has been declined. Failure to request an appeal for each month that the application is declined will result in the original decision being sustained.

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