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Northcliff Naked Video

In a video, the two adults who are seemingly a couple walk around naked in the suburban streets of Johannesburg recruiting members on the way to NorthCliff, another suburb in Johannesburg.

“Jesus is here, and is not white, are you taking him to NorthCliff?,” The naked man is heard on the video asking a lift to Northcliff.


The woman who walks alongside the man who calls himself ‘Jesus’ was reported lost.

“Please help me find the girl in this picture she’s my cousin and she’s missing her name is Tumelo (also whatever info you may have in this guy please send it to me ) is e really need to find her,” wrote a Twitter user Kamo Semenya.

Followers and friends who are close to the man and woman who were walking naked, with a man claiming to be Jesus, believe the two are victims of drug abuse.

“Barkston drive was once my home. Yannick (the guy) has been struggling with a terrible drug addiction for many years (he was my producer at a point) and is now in hospital being treated. He has a beautiful baby girl and needs serious help for her sake,” A twitter user wrote.

And if you Jesus what is? It seems like the lady there is called Tumelo, Was reportedly missing.

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